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📙 Getting Started

1. Login to Wopee Commander

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the GitHub or GitLab login button.
  3. Use your existing GitHub or GitLab account and confirm the access.

2. Open a project

  1. Go to Test suites in left sidebar.
  2. Select your Project in top right dropdown.

3. Run tests

  1. Go to Dashboard (the first tab) of your Project.
  2. Click the RUN TEST button.

This button can be disabled when some tests (all Available bots) are curently running.

4. Check results

  1. Go to Test runs (the second tab) of your Project.

  2. Select Test Run which results you want to see. (Latest run is preselected.) Executed Test Scenarios with their Test Result and count of Test Steps are listed in the table.

  3. Click on the list icon to see Test Steps details of selected Test Scenario.

5. See found differences

  1. Click on the last icon to see how the tested application looked like just after execution of selected Test Steps.
  2. Visual difference is displayed if it was identified between current (on the right) and previously approved (on the left) state.

6. Approve current state

You can 👍 Approve or 👎 Reject current state of the tested application if Test Step Status is:

  • New - no previous state was approved (for this test step)
  • Unresolved - previous state was already approved but current state is different (for this test step)